About Us

MyJigyasa – Explore yourself is an exclusive platform designed for professional as well as fun learning experience. We host several courses and Product kits which helps students to learn skills apart from the academic subjects they go through. We have experience of mentoring around 1000 + students in the field of Robotics.
Our courses are designed by Industry experts. Students within age 6 to 18 years can enroll for the courses. We have objective to build better infrastructure for the students where they can learn and grow by learning out of the box skills

Our Mission

Curiosity makes life better. It adds joy , motivation and quality in the life. It is the main aspect of the process of learning at every age. Children at school need it and so do students and people in every job. In simple words:

“You are Alive if you are Curious”

Knowledge is everything. If a person is a motor vehicle then knowledge is the fuel which drives it. If the people have knowledge they are successful in whichever profession they work. Better knowledge leads to better life. In short:

"You are Powerful if you have Knowledge"

Our Mission: Help individuals to turn their Curiosity into Knowledge

Our Vision

A child always remain curious about smaller things. Kids keep asking questions which we feel are of no use. For example how a Television starts when someone press the remote button?
For this question a 3 years old kid shows lot of curiosity and interest to understand why every time TV gets on when someone press the remote button whereas a grown adult will never ask this question even though he is not totally aware how the remote is exactly working?
Even though Watching TV is a simple activity performed every day we ignore these kind of questions? Do you know WHY? Answer is pretty simple – WE are not curious anymore. Somewhere while growing up we ignore lot of things for which the answer is not provided to us. This is the problem for which our Vision is the solution

Our Vision: To be a company which keeps your curiosity alive forever!!