About Us

MyJigyasa – Explore yourself is an exclusive platform designed for professionals as well as a fun learning experience. We host several courses and product kits which help students to learn skills apart from the academic subjects. We have experience mentoring around 1000 + students in the field of Robotics.
At MyJigyasa - Students between the ages of 6 to 18 years can enroll in the courses designed by industry experts. Our objective is to build a better infrastructure for the students, where students can learn and grow by learning out of the box skills.

Our Mission

Curiosity makes life better. It adds joy, motivation, and quality to life. It is one of the most important aspects of the learning process at every age. Children at school, students, and people in every job need it. In simple words:

“You are Alive if you are Curious”

Knowledge is everything. If we compare a person with a motorcycle then knowledge is the fuel that drives a person. If people have the knowledge they are successful in whichever profession they work. Better knowledge leads to a better life. In short:

"You are Powerful if you have Knowledge"

Our Mission: Help individuals to turn their Curiosity into Knowledge

Our Vision

A child always remains curious about smaller things. Kids keep asking questions that we feel are of no use. For Example - how a Television starts when someone presses the remote button? For this question, a 3-year-old kid shows a lot of curiosity and interest to understand why every time the TV gets on when someone presses the remote button, an adult will never ask this question even though he is not aware of how the remote exactly works?
Even though Watching TV is a simple activity performed every day, we ignore this kind of question? Do you know WHY? The answer is pretty simple – WE are not curious anymore. As an adult, we ignore/avoid a lot of things for which the answer is unknown to us. For this problem, our vision is the best solution

Our Vision: To be a company which keeps your curiosity alive forever!!

Director's Words

I strongly believe in one of the best quotes by Albert Einstein “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” This quote is still relevant and fresh in today’s Education and Job system as well. Many of us follow the crowd and take decisions blindly, but it is a must that we should follow whatever we feel is good for us.
I believe that you must remain curious and explore yourself to gain knowledge and build a strong vision. We are happy to present an exclusive platform that will help young children think out of the box and remain curious always !! MyJigyasa provides a fun enriched experience in learning!!!
Here at MyJigyasa, We do not like to make any false commitments. We believe that honesty is the best policy, So we do not promise your kid success overnight and request you to stay away from elements that promise you quick overnight success.
We are waiting for you to join this joyful ride with us !!!

Sudeshna Pranav