Junior Robo Master

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14 Modules
20 Assessment

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Designed For Age 8 To 15

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Drafted By Experts

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Real World Examples

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Course Outline

MyJigyasa offers the subscribers of this course a lifetime experience that will help them to understand concepts of Robotics in easy and well-structured way

  • Chapters which covers all the basic robotics terminologies

  • Chapters with step by step practical implementation

  • Lessons from the experiences of Experts

  • Chapters with real world examples

  • and much more …..

Why This Course?

Knowledge is Power and Knowledge is the food for curiosity. Kids always come up with lot of questions related to the daily operations we perform like how the fan works? How remote control works? , why bulb starts when we make switch on and lots more?

Sometimes we have answers for these question but most of the time we Do not have them. Whenever we don’t have any answers we convince kids that they will learn once they join college and take some high paid courses. Unfortunately this kills their curiosity and when they grow older they are not that much concerned / interested about these questions, Just like Us (Smiley)

But Not Anymore, ROBO master course helps kids with the answers which we are unaware about. With ROBO MASTER Course Kids can easily understand activities performed in the daily life with step by step implementation

This course is drafted considering exact need of the kid’s curiosity. It is a 100% online course enabling you to access it anytime and anywhere and in any electronic devise as per your convenience.

Course Syllabus

1) Introduction

Changing Technology Video

Introcution to robotics and electronics

Why you should learn robotics

Intstructions related to this course

2) Basic Theory


PCB and its types

Basic componenets

Register color coding


3) Breadboard 1 - Basic Electric Circuit

Basic of Electricity

Resistor Colour Coding examples

Breadboard connections & working

Experiment on breadboard

4) Breadboard 2 - Testing of Diode and LEDs

Theory of Diode & LEDs

Breadboard connections & working

Experiment on Bread Board

5) Breadboard 3 - Transistor as Switch

Theory of Transistor and switch

Breadboard connections & working

Experiment on Bread Board

6) Project 1 - Dancing light

Capacitor & its types

Theory & working of Dancing light

Project on PCB


Assignment 1

7) Project 2 - Renewable energy

Solar module

Theory & working of Renewable energy

Project on PCB


Assignment 2

8) Project 3 - Water level indicator

Theory & working of water level indicator

Project on PCB


Assignment 3

9) PD 1 - Self Development


Time Table of Daily Shedule


My Studies


10) Project 4 - Gardening System

Integrated circuit 555

Pot 10k (Variable resistor)

Theory & working of Gardening system

Project on PCB


Assignment 4

11) Project 5 - Touch on/off

Types of touch screen

Theory of Touch ON/OFF

Project on PCB


Assignment 5

12) Project 6 - Tones generator

IC 7805 & IC 3561

Push switch

Theory & working of Tones generator

Project on PCB


Assignment 6

13) Project 7 - Snake and ladder

IC CD4017

Theory & working of Snake & ladder

Project on PCB


Assignment 7

14) Project 8 - Pocket charger

Function of DC motor

USB connector

Theory & working of Pocket charger

Project on PCB


Assignment 8

15) PD 2 - Self Development




16) Project 9 - Object detector

IR Pair/Buzzer

Theory & working of Object detector

TProject on PCB


Assignment 9

17) PD 3 - Self Development

Exam Preparation



Speed & Torque

18) Project 10 - IR Fan

BD 139/Function of TSOP/function of AC motor

Theory & working of IR Fan

TProject on PCB


Assignment 10

19) Project 11 - Remote control robo

Function of DC motor

Theory/connections/assembly & working of remote control robo


Assignment 11